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    Oracle Forms 12c VM Image for Cloud

    Michael Ferrante-Oracle

      Available now:

      Version (updated July 22, 2020)


      Try out the Oracle Forms 12c VM image offering in Oracle Cloud Marketplace for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

      This Oracle Forms image is built on Oracle Linux 7.8 and is a ready-to-run image that allows you to rapidly provision an Oracle Forms environment in OCI.

      By deploying the Oracle Forms image in OCI, you can dramatically reduce the time and cost to develop, test, and deploy Oracle Forms applications.




      In just minutes you can have an Oracle Forms 12c environment up and running, ready to receive your application or create a new one.

      The new Oracle Cloud Marketplace Oracle Forms 12c VM image includes all the software needed to develop, test, and run nearly any Oracle Forms 12c compatible application.

      This environment can be easily extended to support any Oracle Forms application.


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