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    19c Install And EmExpress


      I am upgrading from 12c that had EmExpress included in its setup to 19c that makes no mention of EmExpress at all. 


      Is EmExpress no longer included in the 19c Enterprise installation?  Do I now need a separate/different license to install and use this?  If I am able to install it, how do I go about doing this?  I am not sure when this change happened, since I skipped 18c completely.



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          The install just completed and it did setup EmExpress.  It shows the URL for it upon completion.  The install simply took much longer than expected without mention of EmExpress setups I thought something changed.


          I have the answer now.

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            I finally got EM Express working after hours of database deletion followed by recreation.  Em Express is still troublesome to get working, but the way I finally got it to work was the following:


            1. Never perform a quick database creation and always use DBCA to perform an advanced database creation.  The quick creation lacks options and has defaults that result in EM Express not working.
            2. At the advanced database creation EM Express page, there is an option that is disabled by default to set the port for global usage.  Check off this global option before proceeding.
            3. After the database has been created after a lengthy wait, click the button shown on the screen for database accounts and passwords.  Unlock the XDB account and set a password on this next pop-up.


            After doing all of the above, EM Express works successfully and I can login.  Without doing this, I was getting errors attempting to login referring to XDB and requesting credentials.  I spent time getting this working under 12c and remembered all these same steps that are still required for 19c.  Maybe one day Oracle will make this simpler as not to waste time with this.