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    Interactive Grid validation check fails for saved  private and public reports

    Ambika Dayal

      I have an interactive grid on a page. I have written code to override the default save action with action to validate data in the grid before saving. This code works superbly.


      However, when a user creates a private report and/or a public report, the code fails. It fails on the line where its checking to see if a row is deleted. LN_BORWR_ID is the primary key to the table. Is it because there are many saved reports and the model does not know which report it is referring to? Any hep would be greatly appreciated.


          var model = apex.region("borrower").widget().interactiveGrid("getViews", "grid").model;


          model.forEach(function(r) {

              recId = r[model.getFieldKey("LN_BORWR_ID")];

              isDeleted = model.getRecordMetadata(recId).deleted;  ----------> FAILS ON THIS LINE

              if (typeof(isDeleted) == 'undefined') {

                  isDeleted = false




              if (!(isDeleted)) {


      //code to check validation