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    Quartz Scheduler Job failed with state "ERROR"

    Subba Rao Bhamidipati



      We building a custom application as extension to Fusion Applications (ERP Cloud) - deployed to JCS.

      One of the requirement is to schedule back-end jobs to execute BI reports and load the data to custom DB. So for this we are using Quartz Scheduler as documented in below blog.



      We have developed 2 different Jobs (Java Classes) to schedule them at different intervals. When we run single schedule for each 30 secs, it works fine.

      But when we schedule both the programs one of them fails with state "ERROR" and never gets invoked. We don't see any error messages in Weblogic/JCS logs as well.


      How can we troubleshoot further to see whats is error-ed out? Initially I thought it could be with simultaneous execution is failing but I scheduled them completely different intervals using below expressions, but still one of them failed with "ERROR" . Attached the DB records which shows "ERROR" for one of the job.

      CRON expressions for botht he jobs:


      0 30 0/3 ? * * *                      (This is to run every 3 hours starting at 30 min mark)

      0 0 0/4 ? * * *                        (This is to run every 4 hours)


      Once it is in ERROR state it will never gets invoked again. Any help regarding this would be helpful.

      We are stuck as there is no log generated either in Admin Server or Managed Server of JCS.


      Thanks for the help.