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    Global Data Sync (across continents)


      We are looking for a solution for: 'have global data synced across different regions (over WAN)'

      Can anyone suggest any good solutions?


      Currently we do use timesten. Timesten in each region hold region specific data. Is there any way to sync data across continents (over WAN)? I heard adding a subscriber node in other region is not a good idea as Timesten replication does not work if sync latency is large. Has any one tried?


      Thanks in advance.

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          TimesTen's replication protocol is optimised for high latency networks but of course as latency increases / bandwidth decreases then things become challenging. You should enable replication compression as this will help throughput when network latency is high. If you have good bandwidth then enabling parallel replication will also boost throughput when latency is high. However ultimately the maximum sustained replication rate will be determined by the network; that is simply a 'laws of physics' issue which cannot be overcome in software.