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    Standard DNS migration and Dynamic DNS


      Hi everyone, I'm looking for advise and clarification on the migration stuff.  I have the following services:

      1. Dyn DNS Pro (for a few hosts I want to connect remotely - not really related to my question)

      2. Standard DNS

      3. Domain Registration


      I use Standard DNS for a website I run at home (just for fun - hardly any use.)  I have a dynamic IP address and Standard DNS functionality allows me to use dyn's host updater to handle ip address changes automatically.


      The email I received for Standard DNS tells me that I need to migrate to Oracle Cloud Services.  When I click on the link, it describes the Oracle Service and indicates the following is not offered by the new service:

      • Dynamic DNS (Remote Access is not impacted and will remain as is)


      I'm not sure what that really means.  I would like to read that as - go do the migration and everything will work without any changes on your host side - but technically, I don't know how it would.


      As a follow up question, does anyone know the cost of changing services?



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