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    Feedback: Visual Studio Code Extension


      Hey guys,

      your Visual Studio Code extension is really cool. I love working with it. But I'd like to see the following features in future, I guess not everything can be done but here's my wishlist.


      • Intellisense on "shortNames" - makes joining and quering much easier
        • Select e.col1 from table1 e where e.col2 ='foo'; --e does not have intellisense
      • Setting the default "GridExport" to Json (maybe as a user setting)
      • We are deploying our sql files to production via SQL Plus
      • Building and debugging packages
        • Haven't get it working - would be great if you could intregrate Visual Studio Code Breakpoints to debug package bodies
      • Inspecting a Table / Object via Visual Studio Code GUI
        • It would be great if I could "double click" on a table in my query and get a grafical feedback about the whole table, so I could get an idea which coulumns must be set, or which ones are unique..
          • Columns
          • Triggers
          • Indexes
          • ..
      • Server Explorer (This is already annouced by you guys )
      • Graphical Database diagramms by just selecting one or more Tables (maybe you could use plantumls integration in VSCode for that)
      • Communication via github as you do for the docker-images or entity framework core
      • Really great would be an port this extention to Azure Data Studio as well


      I hope I could give you an rough idea, about the features I'd like to see.


      In general I must say I love your extension and Visual Studio Code is now my favorite IDE to do oracle related stuff. Especially Queries, Tables and Views. And I hope that you extend this cool tool.


      SQL Plus Task:

          // See https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=733558
          // for the documentation about the tasks.json format
          "version": "2.0.0",
          "tasks": [
                  "label": "Deploy with SQL Plus (User@Database)",
                  "type": "shell",
                  "command": "exit | sqlplus USER/PASS@DATABASE @${file}",
                  "group": {
                      "kind": "build",
                      "isDefault": true
                  "presentation": {
                      "echo": true,
                      "reveal": "always",
                      "focus": false,
                      "panel": "shared",
                      "showReuseMessage": true,
                      "clear": false



      • Please add support for the dbms output as well. See below.