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    How to add Dept in Exception for a Company


      Hi Experts,


      We are using 6 Segment Account Combination, where

           Segment-1 is Company (10,20,30)

           Segment-2 is Department

           Segment-3 is Account

           Segment-4 is Project

           Segment-5 is Product

           Segment-6 is Customer


      The present combination is as below


      Now, the client requirement is to exclude Departments starting from 7 (7****) from company 10 as these are only related to company 20.


      So, we followed the below steps


      1. Unfreezed the 'Freeze Flexfield Definition' checkbox

      2. In cross-validation rule (in the same place as shown in screen shot), added as below (GL Resp. Setup > Financials > Flexfields > Key > Rules)

           Type: Exclude

           From: 10-70000-0000---

           To: 10-7zzzz-0000---

      3. Saved the changes

      4. Again freezed the checkbox (which is unfreezed in step-1)

      5. Complied


      Then still, it is allowing me to use the account (Example, 10-74000-0000-0000-0000-0000)


      Then again I went back to GL Resp. > Setup > Accounts > Combinations. There still showing all the above accounts as active as shown below


      So, did I miss any thing?




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          Hi All,


          Also, is there any API available to end-date the combinations?






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            Hi All,


            We found that we can use the Cross-Validation Rule Violation Report program as shown below. Here, we need to 'disable Combination' parameter value as Yes


            But, this program will disable the combinations, but we need to end date them instead of Disabling (for auditing, year end purpose)

            Is there any other way to achieve this?





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              Hi All,


              We raised Oracle SR and they confirmed that there is no such API, which disable the code combinations.

              They suggested different approaches as below:


              1. Go to code combinations form and manually enter the end date there for all the code combinations. But it is a manual approach

                   But, this is helpless as we have more than 300 combinations that need to be end-dated and manually doing will take much time

              2. Run the  Cross-Validation Rule Violation Report (by passing Disable Combination parameter value as Yes), after adding cross-validation rules.

                   This is also helpless as this program will disable the combinations, but our requirement is not to disable, but to end date.

              3. check the 'Preserved' checkbox for the combinations which need NOT to be disabled (i.e., checkbox need to be checked for combinations other than 10 for that department). Then, end date the Department itself from segment values. Then, run the Program - Inherit Segment Value Attributes  This will populate the end date for all the unpreserved combinations. Then again remove the end date for the department from segment values. By this, we can use the preserved combinations.

                   This also includes more manually work as we have more than 1000 combinations which uses that departments that need not be end dated.



              So, I hope option-1 is the only choice we have