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    DOAG Forms petition to convince Oracle to invest more in ORACLE FORMS

    Frank Hoffmann

      Oracle Forms celebrates its 40th anniversary this year, and is still used by Oracle customers as an important software tool. In recent years, numerous customers have invested considerable sums in the software, and intend to continue to use it in the future. With the upcoming releases, Oracle has assured long-term support and has reaffirmed its commitment to offering this successful 4GL PL/SQL tool. The supporters of this petition urge Oracle to bring the GUI of the runtime environment up to date and to make Forms suitable for cloud-friendly deployment (by means of JavaScript), in order to enable the developed applications to be deployed on all devices, whether desktop or mobile. Please read the attached pdf document for further information.


      DOAG PDF Petition in detail (External Link direct to the DOAG Forms Petition):



      The DOAG Forms petiton has mainly two goals in mind:



      Every vote counts!



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