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    Migrating Simphony DB from MS SQL to Oracle


      Hi There,


      This question is related to Sales & Licensing, we have existing customer that are currently using Simphony on Ms SQL and they plan to migrate the DB to Oracle.


      * What will be the procedure?

      * Is there any cost involve in relation to Oracle DB licensing?

      * Customer is on active support maintenance


      Thank you and with kind regards


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          Christian Lupprich-Oracle

          Hi Feri,


          due the fact that newer versions of Simphony will support only Oracle DB, our development is working on such tools and on "how-to" instructions -

          currently nothing customer facing or internal available.


          Since Oracle´s aquisition of Micros for on-premise installations the customer has to buy Oracle Hospitality Technology Foundation for Food & Beverage license / per POS Client which includes the use of the following products:

          • Oracle DB Enterprise Edition with the following Options:
            • Real Application Cluster (RAC),
            • RAC one node,
            • Active Data Guard,
            • Partitioning,
            • Real Application Testing (RAT),
            • Advanced Compression,
            • Advanced Security,
            • Label Security,
            • Database Vault,
            • OLAP,
            • Advanced Analytics,
            • Spatial and Graph,
            • TimesTen Application-Tier DB Cache,
            • Database in-memory
          • Oracle WebLogic Suite
          • Oracle Identity and Access Management Suite
          • Oracle SOA Suite
          • Mobile Application Framework, Java, OEL
          • Berkeley DB SQL Edition – Transactional Data Store for Oracle Applications


          If this is a former Micros installation without any licensed Technology Foundation, please get in touch with your partner manager to find the correct way for this customer.


          For reference:

          Hospitality Technology Foundation usage is limited for use with the Oracle Hospitality F&B product which you own licenses for. New reports or customizations of the included reports are allowed. Integration to 3rd party systems is allowed via Oracle Hospitality Interface programs only. Adding new schemas or unsupported applications will require Full Use Licenses of the included technology products, unless approved by Oracle.

          The Hospitality Technology Foundation follows Oracle's Application Specific Technology (AST) discounting methodology, where the discount for any Technology Foundation license cannot exceed the discount applied to the associated F&B Applications.

          Link to Oracle’s Application Specific Technology Licensing table: http://www.oracle.com/us/corporate/pricing/application-licensing-table-070571.pdf

          Hope this helps