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    Essbase (Beta) Power BI Connector




      We're trying to test drive the new Essbase connector in Power BI.

      We've managed to start the connection but we cannot get our cubes/apps to display.


      We're using the following connection string per the documentation out there: http://EssbaseServer:19000/aps/XMLA

      This brings up our environment but when we click to expand the apps, its just spins forever and doesn't load anything.

      We've never played with any XML settings before so maybe something needs to be setup in provider services???



      Wondering if any Essbase folks have experimented with getting this going and had any success yet?

      We're really excited to stop writing extract routines out of Essbase to get data into our BI models. essbase powerbi.jpg

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          Are you working in a distributed Hyperion environment?


          I was testing this in our environment and was running into similar problems with connecting to PowerBI, however, when I tried testing the connection in a "sandbox" environment, where all Hyperion applications/components are installed on a single server, I was able to connect to PowerBI using the same connection string you identified above, http://EssbaseServer:19000/aps/XMLA.  So from my testing so far, my conclusion is that the Essbase (Beta) PowerBI Connector does not yet work in a distributed Hyperion environment.  We have reached out to Microsoft for guidance/support but have not yet heard anything new.  I believe they are aware of this issue and (hopefully) working on addressing it, but you may want to reach out to Microsoft as well.


          Good luck - and please let us know if you make any progress on this topic.


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            does anyone gets any update from Microsoft yet?




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              Robert Armstrong

              Hi, If you haven't figured it out, the XMLA connection URL should be the workspace/foundation server not the Essbase server.

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                Hi Bob,


                (Re posting from another thread)



                I did use the correct APS URL (as mentioned in your comment) and URL goes in.


                But then there is no login screen prompt and instead it is thinking the server name mentioned in the URL is the Essbase server (It tries to connect to the port 1423 on that server)


                Here is error message I am getting.


                Cannot connect to Essbase Server at “(servername in URL)”. Network Error [10061]:Failed to connect to [(ServerNameINURL):1423]”


                Any help is appreciated

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                  Hi There,


                  Are you able to establish connection between Oracle Essbase and Power BI? If yes, What are the versions of Essbase and Power BI you are using? We are currently on Hyperion version and wanted to know if Essbase can be integrated with Power BI directly without the help of any third party tools.