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    ZFS Percentage Space Used Command


      I am trying to get the percentage of space used for all datasets from the Global Zone

      in raw bytes so I can eaaily calculate the percentage of space used (for monitoring)


      In Solaris 11, I can use the following:-


      1) zpool list (get pool space usage & health)


      2)  zfs list -p|grep -v NAME|awk '{printf "%-75s %12d %12d %12d\n", $1,$2/1048576,$3/1048576,($2/$3)*100}'

           This provides me the space used and available (in MB) and the percentage of space used.


      However, I can't find the command to do something similar for Solaris 10.

      I have tried various commands using zfs get - but the output is spread over several lines.


      Does anyone know the command to get the raw space statistics in Solaris 10?