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    Cost sheet - Invalid Number of segments for code

    Scott Morrison

      We are in the process of configuring the financial related BP's in Unifier. I'm trying to import some realistic cost codes into a test project using the export/import CBS Details.  There are some existing codes that are like CSI codes rather than our company's structure. We are using a single segment and the field length is set to 32 chars.  Our code is 27 chars. so that shouldn't be the issue.  When I attempt to import the file, I get errors on the new codes like this " Invalid Number of Segments for code: FND LOC81Y99.000X 6626-0000, Segment Size should be 1."  I don't understand why it's saying the segment size should be '1', when there are existing codes that have more than 1 character.  Has anyone seen this before ?

      CBS codes.PNG