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        lilywu wrote:


        How to post a blog regarding Netsuite customization?



        You can create blogs within your own profile.

        Blogs/Documents in product spaces are only available for authorised Oracle personnel

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          i am new in the community, How do I ask questions or provide answer for particular questions if i have.


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            Hi PJeet,


            Firstly, locate the correct space/place to ask your question.  Most products have a space that is appropriate to them, so if you're question is, for example, Java related, you could look over in the Java space and the sub-spaces within that to find the most appropriate product.  If it's a general oracle database question then there is the General Database Discussions space, or for Oracle Apex the Oracle Application Express (APEX) space, or SQL and PL/SQL questions go in the SQL & PL/SQL space etc.   I think you get the idea.


            Once you've located the product space you want there are a couple of ways to ask a question:

                 a) from the Overview page, click the Actions drop down in the menu bar, and then click "Discussion" to create a new discussion (by default, all discussions are questions, but you can mark it as just a discussion if it's not a question - though that's rare)

                 b) from the Content page, click the "Start a Discussion" link in the Actions box at the side of the page.


            To reply to other people's questions, simply click the appropriate Reply button either against the original question or the appropriate response if you're responding to someone else on that thread, and once you've typed your reply, click the "Post" button.


            Note, it's easier to post responses via the discussion thread itself, rather than through your "inbox", because the editor in the inbox is very limited, whereas answering directly within the thread allows you to click the "Advanced Editor" link which gives you more editor/formatting options.


            Simple as that.

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