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    How to configure SMTP endpoints (ashburn, phoenix) from compute instances deployed in London Region


      I'm running a POC when we deployed our application on a Oracle Linux 6.10 VM


      Our applications has a feature to send notifications to the users selected on a form. We have followed the steps as outlined in the following link


      https://support.oracle.com/epmos/faces/DocumentDisplay?id=2501601.1   (Through postfix we observe the emails are getting sent)



      and following the steps as outlined in the Email Delivery FAQ


      A few Important Notes about configuring Email Delivery regional sending:

      • The application that is sending mail does NOT have to be in the region where mail is sent for delivery
        Example: If you have an application in a different region, for example FRA, you would configure Email from one of the regions where it is available (PHX or IAD). In the console UI change your region to PHX or IAD and add an approved sender. Creating SMTP credentials is the same no matter what region since identities are global assets. You would then have your FRA application send its email to the PHX smtp endpoint smtp.us-phoenix-1.oraclecloud.com (IAD endpoint is smtp.us-ashburn-1.oraclecloud.com) using the SMTP credentials. You would then have your FRA application send its application email to the Regional SMTP endpoint where you created the approved sender using the SMTP credentials. For PHX the smtp endpoint is smtp.us-phoenix-1.oraclecloud.com and the IAD endpoint is smtp.us-ashburn-1.oraclecloud.com.


      When we use the approved email sender we get the error as "The server respone was Authentication required"




      On premise, our application is provisioned with a SMTP relay which works but when we provision with smtp.us-ashburn-1.oraclecloud.com and deploy in one of compute instance we observe that notifications are not sent.


      Not sure we are ovelooking any configuration. Any help will be apprecaiated