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    How to Use "Web Personalization Security"

    Matt Stringer

      How are people using the Web Personalization Security feature?  I hadn't seen/heard of it until noticing a reference to it on the Contact/Account fields configuration screens where a link to documentation is provided (https://docs.oracle.com/cloud/latest/marketingcs_gs/OMCAA/Help/ClientSecurityConfiguration/Tasks/WebPersonalizationSecur…


      We hoped this may help with form pre-population issues when an email with link to a landing page/form is forwarded to another person to prevent having the original recipient's details populated in the form, but it seems the form is still populated with the original recipient's data regardless of the settings configured for Web Personalization Security.


      I can't find any mention of this feature outside the documentation link.  No mention on Topliners about when it was delivered and nothing in my searches of the MOS iKB either.


      Very curious to hear how others are using this feature!

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          Charli Bagga-Oracle

          Web Personalization Security can be configured for each contact field individually to control the behavior of the contact field whenever it is used by field merges and web data lookups.



          There are two available  settings:



          Show to Trusted Visitors Only: A contact data field with this setting is only displayed to visitors who have undergone an additional form of verification. Trusted contacts are those who have opened and clicked-through an email sent by Oracle Eloqua.

          Contacts who have not undergone additional verification will see data they have previously entered from their browser or the default value (when field merges are used). This is the default option.

          Show to All Known Visitors: A contact data field with this setting is displayed to all visitors linked to a contact, regardless of whether they have been verified or not.


          You can read more about it here


          Hope this helps

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            Matt Stringer

            Hi Charli Bagga-Oracle, thanks for the response.  I understand what it does and had already included the link to documentation. What are the actual use cases for this feature?  Can you explain in context of a marketing campaign in Eloqua with emails, landing pages, forms, etc?  As I stated in my question, it doesn't seem to make any difference with pre-populated forms.  Should I have a different experience than what I'm seeing which indicates possible configuration issue on my end or potential bug with the feature?