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    cannot see two nodes at the same time thru the OCI VPN tunnel


      My host is on the Oracle Cloud OCI. It need to communicates with the two RAC servers over the  OCI vpn tunnel. The OCI vpn tunnel is up.


      From the OCI host, I can ping to the RAC1 over the tunnel, but the ping just lasts for an undermined period of time ( sometimes a few minutes, sometimes a few hours ) after that there is no replies from the RAC1 server, but then the OCI host can ping the RAC2 server which it ( the OCI server ) cannot ping when it successfully pings the RAC1 server. The on-prem VPN router can ping both the RAC servers.


      In other words,

      - the OCI host won't be able to see both the RAC servers at the same time

      - it is unknown how long the OCI server can see one of the RAC servers, but when it sees one, it won't see the other.


      I replicate this on my own network with my two non-RAC servers connecting to the same OCI host thru the OCI tunnel, and the the OCI host can see both of the test servers just fine.


      The RAC people think the tunnel configuration causes the problem  because all hosts on their network ( the other side of the vpn tunnel ) can see the RAC servers just fine.

      The network people think the RAC plays some role on the problem because the tunnel is up the OCI host can see the RAC servers, although not at the same time.


      The remote network is of a customer so I cannot directly do any tests over there.


      Any idea is greatly appreciated.