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    Updating records after loading more on list view

    Luiz B



      I have a list view that is using collection as data provider and it is set to load more on scroll.


      Right after loading additional sets of data, I loop through this new data, and I set a new property on each model of my collection using model.set().


      However, the first records on my new set (always the same number that is specified in scroll-policy-options.fetch-size) are not being updated on my list view, whereas all my other records are being updated.


      For example, if my collection fetches 50 new records, and my scroll-policy-options.fetch-size is also 50, no records get updates. But, if scroll-policy-options.fetch-size is 25, only the last 25 will be updated, unless I set a timeout of 3000 ms for instance.


      Do you have any suggestion how to approach that? or maybe, can we disable that fetch-size attribute on oj-list-view, but still have it to load more on scroll based on the collection?


      Thank you,