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    Is "Financial Data Quality Management - Task manager" related FDMEE?


      Previously, we were using classic FDM but later (almost couple of years back) we migrated to FDMEE. Now I am wondering if the service [Financial Data Quality Management - Task manager] is related to FDMEE in any way.


      We have an FDMEE batch job which, in one of its many steps, invokes a .bat script (to build dimensions /  using PsExec) which resides in our Planning server. This script uses OutlineLoad utility which gets data from our source (JCAPS) and build dimensions in Essbase accordingly. In our production environment, its not able fetch data from source. Log from OutlineLoad utility sates, "no input records were read due to an empty file or table, or not all input records were read due to errors", even though JDBC connection with the source database (JCAPS) was established successfully (as per the log).


      On the contrary, when we run the build script (from Planning server) manually, it's successfully fetching data and building dimensions. Then I checked our other environments and saw -


      Oracle Hyperion FDM Enterprise Edition - Java Web App -> In all of our environments, configured with a global / domain ID (in stead of a local ID)

      Financial Data Quality Management - Task manager -> In our  lower environments, it's configured with a global / domain ID but in Production, it's configured with a local ID


      Please note, the same FDMEE batch job is working fine in our lower enviornment (able to fetch data and build dims).


      Now this got me thinking whether there is any issue with setting environment variables.


      I know FDQM service is related to the classic FDM. Is it not true? If I change the configuring account for the service to a domain ID (like the other FDMEE service), should it fix the issue? Or is it an entirely different issue?