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    Essbase load error for export files




      After upgrading to, I'm having errors for loading Essbase export files. I just use the basic function (right click on the database and export) to export the entire database to a text file "Level 0 data blocks" (did not check column format).


      Then I try to load this file to the Dev database which is identical. But I'm getting the error/warning below. And I cannot find the dataload.err file it mentioned below. When I look at the data in the database it's incomplete.


      I did not use a load rule to load the data export.


      Where can I find the exact errors and why am I not able to load a basic data export file??


      Parallel dataload enabled: [4] block prepare threads, [3] block write threads.

      Data Load Updated [22048516] cells

      There were errors, look in C:\Users\QuLi\Desktop\.\dataload.err

      Database import completed ['ETCPlan'.'ETCPlan']

      Output columns prepared: [0]


      I also tried using a load rule to load the data. I still got similar warning like above. But this time data looks more complete this time......