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    Where has the PeopleTools space gone?


      I recently logged a question in the PeopleTools space, and I can't find the space any more...


      Am I missing something, or have the spaces been reorganised, or is there something else going on?

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          Nicole Apostola
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            Getting the following response:

            Access to this place or content is restricted. If you think this is a mistake, please contact your administrator or the person who directed you here.

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              Nicole Apostola

              It sounds like an account issue.  From Doc ID 2020565.1:



              This issue:

              • can result from a delay in account synchronization between the MOS portal and the MOS Community (as the community is hosted on an external software platform). For users newly approved by their Customer User Administrator to have MOS access, access to the community may take several hours to provision. 
              • can be caused by incomplete or incorrect permissions granted to the Contact user account.
              • can be caused by an error that occurred when a new user account was linked to a Support Identifier.
              • can occur when a new Contact user account is created, or during the Customer User Administrator (CUA) approval phase - denying permission to access the MOS Community.


              The first step should be to contact the Customer User Administrator (CUA) for your account.  Please have the CUA verify that your access permissions have been set up such that you have, at minimum, 'View Only' access to MOS.If your account has been very recently approved for MOS access (within 24 hours), your account status in the My Oracle Support Community may not yet have synchronized.  Please allow up to 24 hours for all access permissions to be propagated to your community login.If the permissions provided are as expected, a reset of the user account may be needed to resolve the issue.
              Please access My Oracle Support, and from the account settings, remove the Support Identifier (CSI) listed for your account.

              Steps to remove a Support Identifier from your user account:

              1. Log in to support.oracle.com
              2. Select your name at the top right of the page to access the dropdown.
              3. Select "My Account"
              4. In the Support Identifiers section, remove Support Identifier by highlighting the identifier, then click on button 'Remove Selected'.

              For more details on this process please refer to How to Remove a Support Identifier from Your User Account (Document 1218723.1)
              Now that the Support Identifier has been removed from your account, a new association can be made to reset the settings and correct any errors that may have occurred during the first association. 

              Steps to add a Support Identifier to your user account:

              1. Log in to support.oracle.com.
              2. Select your name at the top right of the page to access the dropdown.
              3. Select "My Account".
              4. Make sure you are scrolled up to the top of the web page and can view the "Support Identifiers" section. (If section is not showing, expand using the center arrow).
              5. Select "Request Access" button.
              6. There are two options for adding a Support Identifier (SI): Add the SI directly, input your organization name and note to the approver, or add it using the serial number of the Hardware, the organization and note to the approver.
              7. Select "Request Access".
              8. If this is the first user for the account requesting the SI, the system may prompt for acceptance of the SI Administrator role.  Accept the admin privilege.
              9. If the request is properly submitted, a message saying "Request to access Support Identifier xxx from user xxx successfully sent" will be shown.
              10. If the account requesting the SI is the first account requesting access:
                -- If the email domain matches the Account name on the SI, the admin request will automatically be approved.
                -- If the email domain does not match the account name, the status of the request will go to "Pending Oracle Approval".
                -- Requests in status "Pending Oracle Approval" are evaluated by an Oracle team in charge of approving SI first Administrators.
                -- Requests in status "Pending" are to be approved by current My Oracle Support (MOS) Administrator account for the SI, within the organization that owns the SI. To facilitate approval, user can send a blind notification from My Oracle Support.
              11. If CUA has not responded to pending users after 3 days, the list of administrators will be displayed so they can contact them directly, if desired.
              12. Once approved, the SI can be used by the account from My Oracle Support (MOS).

              For more details on this process please refer to How a User Can Add a Support Identifier (SI) To a My Oracle Support User Account (Document 1070936.1)