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    Replication No data found


      HI All,

      Replication abended due to no data found, but I could see the data in the source which is discard in replication side,

      Could you please suggest  me how to trace the record  in replication trails

      OGG:- 12.1

      Oracle DB  11.2.4



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          Hi ,


          Did you try to check the record in target which was discarded? Frame a select statement of the discarded record and execute it in the target.


          To check in the trail file, you need to use the Logdump utility. Open the trail file using it. You will see the sequence# and RBA in the discard file itself.


          OGG_HOME >./logdump

          Logdump >open <trail file with path>

          Logdump >ghdr on

          Logdump >detail data on

          Logdump >ggstoken detail

          Logdump >pos RBA ---------- This is the RBA which you will find it in the Discard file.

          Logdump >n


          You can see the record which was discarded.




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            Hi Veera,

            Thanks for quick reply, my questions is  like, some transactions not capture in the source and hence not inserted at the target because of this  I am  getting no data found in the target update statement

            I could see the record in source but I am not seeing  at target  (looks like  some inserts missing)

            How to trace of the issue the insert  statement capture or not  ?  please let me know if you have any idea ?



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              Hi DR,


              If this is the case, then we need to firstly check where exactly the issue lies. We need to isolate whether the issue is with Extract, Pump or Replicat. Which has missed the data.

              We need to analyze why the record was not there the target side. The possible reasons causing this issue are below,


              1. The Extract might have missed to capture this INSERT

              2. The Pump would have missed to transfer this INSERT

              3. The Replicat process would have missed to apply this INSERT to the target.

              4. Improper Initial Load performed.

              5. Someone would have deleted this record manually in the Target server.


              But to isolate the issue,


              1. We need to know the timestamp and ROWID of this INSERT. For the timestamp, you can check with you Application team to get it. 

              2. Once you get the timestamp, you can mine the archive logs generated during that timestamp and get the ROWID of the INSERT record.

              3. Once you get the ROWID, you can do Logdump (Filter using ROWID) on the target trail files which are generated during this timestamp. If you find this record in the Target, then above reasons 3, 4 and 5 might be the cause.

              4. If you didn't find this record in the target, then go to the Source side, and do Logdump (Filter using ROWID) on the Source trail files which are generated during this timestamp. If you find this record, then the above reasons 2 might be the cause.

              5. If the record is not there in the Source trail itself, then the issue is with the Extract process, which has missed to capture this INSERT.


              This is how we need to troubleshoot this issue. But, we firstly know the timestamp of the INSERT record. Please get in touch with the Application team to the timestamp info.