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    FRM-92091: unexpected fatal error on client-side java code

    Juergen Menge

      We have a fairly complex environment with Forms/Reports, Oracle HTTP server with webgate and Single Sign-On based on OAM and OID

      In the following scenario we got an error:

      - open a form in the browser (IE11)

      - execute a query

      - jump to the last record of the query (approx. 50000 records).


      At the beginning of our tests we got a FRM-92103 network error which is not reproducible anymore. During our last tests we got another error which is reproducible:

      FRM-92091: unexpected fatal error on client-side java code

      Java Exception:

      java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Attempt to read in an object of type 89

          at oracle.forms.engine.Message.readDetails(Unknown Source)

          at oracle.forms.engine.Message.readDetails(Unknown Source)

          at oracle.forms.net.StreamMessageReader.run(Unknown Source)

      The Forms runtime process on the server is not available anymore. The same happens with other forms when we execute the same scenario.


      When we execute the same scenario directly against the WLS_FORMS, i.e. without the HTTP server and OAM the query runs fine and the last record will be displayed after some minutes.

      In that case we also observed that in the Java console there was a constant output of rows displaying the progress of reading the records.

      In the case of failure the Java console seems to freeze and there is no output until the error happens.

      There is a support note:
      FRM-92091 Error with Forms Sessions Timing Out at 60 Minutes when implementing SSO / OAM / Webgate (Doc ID 2178936.1)

      but the token validity period is already set to 12 hours and the error happens after several minutes.


      The Forms and OHS parameters are still on default (only networkRetries was increased).

      There is enough space in tmpdir.


      OK. It is questionable if such a use case makes sense but the same scenario works in the old Forms 11g environment and we see it as a challenge to get the new environment as stable as the old one.

      I would like to know where I should explore the issue further: in Forms, HTTP server or Oracle Access Manager.


      Thanks in advance