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    ORA-01858 on Update for Interactive Grid Apex 19.1 Date Column



      I have just started using Apex and want a simple Interactive Grid to show users and allow them to update data.


      There are lots of columns and Order Date as a primary key (with Order Number as second column in PK).


      I get Ajax threw error ORA-01858 when I update one of the rows.


      I have created a test table with just a date as primary key and a number as an updateable column:


      create table tss.xxx_date2 as select trunc(sysdate) + level as d1, level as col2 from dual  connect by level <= 10 ;

      alter table tss.xxx_date2 add constraint xxx_date2_pk primary key (d1);


      When I try and update Col2 I get the error. I have created a similar table with number as PK and it is fine.


      Main assumption is that it is to do with Date formats / time portions? Maybe I can trunc() or format the date somehow....?


      Can anyone offer any help? I am very new to Apex and lost where to look.


      I saw that someone had a similar error in 18: Error saving table data - Error ORA-01858