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    Why choose eloqua over its competitors?


      What are some key differentiations between other Marketing Automation platforms? - Such as Marketo, hubspot, salesforce. etc.

      Very little documentation or info on this - I did find one however it was referencing back in 2011.


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          I hope you won't find this response to be too "artificial", but likely the best reason as to why you'd like to use ELQ is based on Custom Data Objects.  On top of that, a bunch of features in ELQ are a lot more "platform based" (eg. try to use blind form submits in Marketo, it's not as simple, but Marketo's position has always been to do the opposite of what ELQ does - so some easy things in Marketo are extremely hard in ELQ - like smartfilters / value changes).  Nonetheless, each other platform tends to solve a lot of small typical use cases in very simplified ways, where as ELQ can do it all, but takes time to build it. 


          Apps used to be a stand out feature, but many other platforms are catching up to it.  Nonetheless, if you know enough AJAX / other scripts to use CWM effectively (plus form submit app and etc), ELQ can turn into a pretty formidable data management / routing piece.


          My favourite analogy with Marketing Platforms for now is that ELQ is very similar to large box of 2 to 3 slot single row Lego pieces.  You can build anything with it, and make it accommodate every nook and cranny of your processes.  However, that's relatively time consuming at first and there's a lot to keep track of - but ALOT of potential and cool discovery can be made.


          Most other platforms are very much like disposable cameras.  Can do the general tasks very nicely, but if you just need to go to the next level with more customizations that goes outside of their pre-configured factory settings, that's when the costs roll in and things too get pretty complicated. 


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          Hong Tai Lee 

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            Thanks! Really appreciate your response