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      • 15. Re: Multiple unread MOSC pages crash Firefox
        Rebecca M-O

        Usually I get Mozilla/Firefox Not Responding, and it tends to freeze Outlook as well, if it's open.  Once I close the processes through Task Manager, everything's fine.


        This time, after I got the tabs open, I clicked on one and it seemed like it was going to be ok, and then both monitors went black except for the arrow cursor.  All I could do was move the cursor around, but none of the usual tricks (clicking, space bar, enter, Ctrl-Alt-Del, etc.) did anything.  I also couldn't lock the computer.  After maybe 10 minutes I did a hard reboot.

        • 16. Re: Multiple unread MOSC pages crash Firefox

          Also check the system event viewer. It might have some clues, such as display driver not responding, etc...

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