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    How do I open RSH and rlogin services in Solaris 10? The service status cannot be changed to online. Request expert help.

    Stubborn Begita

      1. I just installed Solaris 10 on the VMware Workstation Pro15. At first, I ran svcs-l svc:/network/shell: default and svcs-l rlogin commands to show that rsh service and rlogin service are open, but the service status is offline.



      2. Then restart the VMware Workstation Pro15, RSH and rlogin service states become uninitialized;



      3. Then I execute svcadm enable svc:/network/shell: default and svcadm enable rlogin commands.



      4. Ultimately, the service states of RSH service and rlogin service are uninitialized. How can we make these two service states online?