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    mine.nu domain zone issues

    Jian Hui Chionh

      I have issues with resolving some of my hostnames which i created in mine.nu domain the issues i get is NXDOMAIN or " A" record not found


      and i did a whois lookup check it show that mine.nu domain has expired and deactivated and pending deletation





      Whois Record for Mine.nu




      Domain Profile



      IANA ID: —
      URL: —
      Whois Server: —
      Registrar Status
      Dates7,344 days old
      Created on 1999-08-02
      Expires on 2019-08-31
      Tech Contact
      IP Address216.146.39.125 - 3,512 other sites hosted on this server
      IP LocationUnited States - California - Belmont - Dynamic Network Services Inc.
      ASNUnited States AS33517 DYNDNS - Oracle Corporation, US (registered Jan 11, 2005)





      Website Titlehttp://s2.googleusercontent.com/s2/favicons?domain=mine.nu  500 SSL negotiation failed:
      Response Code500


      Whois Record ( last updated on 2019-09-10 )


      state:            deactivated
      domain:           mine.nu
      holder:           p668cwx3jd
      admin-c:          p668cwx3jd
      tech-c:           l8pkgkwyxd
      billing-c:        p668cwx3jd
      created:          1999-08-02
      modified:         2019-09-10
      expires:          2019-08-31
      deactivationdate: 2019-09-10
      date_to_delete:   2019-11-09
      date_to_release:  2019-11-16
      nserver:          ns1.dyndns.org
      nserver:          ns2.dyndns.org
      nserver:          ns3.dyndns.org
      nserver:          ns4.dyndns.org
      nserver:          ns5.dyndns.org
      dnssec:           unsigned delegation
      registry-lock:    unlocked
      status:           serverHold
      status:           pendingDelete
      registrar:        NuNames.nu


      Iris Investigation Platform


















      Available TLDs



      The following domains are available through our preferred partners. Select domains below for more information. (3rd party site)


      Taken domain.
      Available domain.
      Deleted previously owned domain.


      Mine.com View Whois
      Mine.net View Whois
      Mine.org View Whois
      Mine.info View Whois
      Mine.biz View Whois
      Mine.us View Whois







      My dyndns username is: myhq78


      is it because of that issues which is why any hostname registered under mine.nu will not be resolvable as the dyndns still can create any hostname under mine.nu


      My name is Jian Hui Chionh

      My country is Singapore


      Please resolve as alot of people including me cannot access right now and some of us have e-mail server running thanks, for your info yesterday still able to access, the problem started today sept 10 2019.

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