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    Risk using undocumented endpoints


      Is there a reason we should or should not use an undocumented 2.0 rest endpoint?


      For example, in a project we want to update contact data. Looking at the documentation, there is only a 1.0 endpoint



      However, it appears that we can hit a 2.0 version of that service /api/REST/2.0/data/contact/{id}


      Should we should we stick with and use the documented 1.0 or use the 2.0?

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          Lou Patrick

          If the endpoint is not included in our officially supported documentation, that endpoint is not officially supported or maintained, and usage of that endpoint is at your own risk, which includes they may change breaking a built integration, usage is not documented or supported, and there could be performance issues.


          If both 2.0 and 1.0 are in the officially supported documentation, then 2.0 should be used, as there are some features that are only added to 2.0.


          If only 1.0 is in the officially supported documentation, then 1.0 should be used for the reasons detailed initially.