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    Sql Query Optimiztion


      Hi All,


      Can anyone help  me query Optimization

      I used two tables A & B

      when querying from A its perfect but when I join it with B it took 5 min and return on 60k records.

      I tried to find out reason and found   there is no index on that table(only Non-unique indexes) and table contains 20 millions of records.



      Now the problem is index can not be created on that table and neither it can be  drop or recreate  ..

      All stats are gathered already


      can anyone suggest something on this..


      Thanks in Advance

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          Tejas Kulkarni

          It's like you are searching names on telephone directory without having alphabets to directory pages. Whenever we have a table join, Oracle optimizer uses certain access path to retrieve the data. If indexes are not there then it will have to go for full table scan. Your table is having 20 millions of records and for 5 minutes 60k records are already returned. This means join of tables is returning large amount of  data. If Oracle goes for hash joins, take your DBA's help to increase PGA size to occupy hash table effectively in memory.

          If your join condition contains inequality condition then it will follow sort merge join method which will also take PGA space for sorting the both table's data. Increasing PGA size is going to help lot. If oracle goes for nested loop joins It, will happen if you are retrieving few thousands or millions of data only. This will lead to unnecessary disk I/O's. So Nested loops will be of no use if youo do not have index.

          Another option is you can specify hint /*+ parallel (number of cores) */.




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              Can you at least show us the query you are using, and the execution plan you have?


              This would make for easier replies, otherwise it's a guess work.

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                Sven W.

                Is there a relationship between the two tables? Like a foreign key (which should be indexed)?


                You also said that "only" 60k records are returned. Did you expect more that that and why?

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