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    LISTAGG / LISTAGG Order In Answers


      Hi everyone,


      We are using of OBIEE.  I noticed in answers that I am able to use a LISTAGG function on what appears to be only non-fact columns/values.  Previously in this and other forums I have read that LISTAGG was not an option unless wrapped in EVALUATE functions.  LISTAGG is also not mentioned in the Logical SQL Reference Guide.  This has been nice to be able to list by ID or other unique identifiers to quickly build a new column in answers.  Maybe this has always been an option and I just didn't realize but I don't believe it was.


      I haven't been able to find a way to order the values that LISTAGG produces in answers.  My result sets seem to LISTAGG them in the order encountered and therefore will list values in a pivot as "John,Smith" and "Smith,John".  Has anyone had success in ordering the listagg?  Again I know I can do this at the RPD level but just curious if there is a way to do this in answers.  Also are there any other functions out there that the OBI server recognizes that are helpful or a documnent that has all of the functions that the OBI server will recognize? 


      Thanks for your time.