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    Using Proxy users w/VS Code


      I tried to make a connection using a proxy user, using the following syntax:  PROXY_USER[TARGET_USER]


      This works fine in SQL Developer/SQLPlus, but I get an ORA-01017: invalid username/password; login denied error in VS Code.


      Running the latest build (19.3.2).




      - Scott -

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          Christian.Shay -Oracle

          Hi Scott,

          We don't support that syntax yet, but in the meantime you can do the following to connect proxy users:


          • To connect to Oracle Database from a .SQL or .PL/SQL file, press F1 to open Command Palette and select Oracle:Connect from the dropdown
          • To connect from Oracle Database Explorer, click the plus sign button
          • A connection dialog will open. In the Connection Type dropdown, select ODP.NET Connect String
          • In the Connection String field, enter a string with this format if providing the hostname, port and service name explicitly: User Id=myuser;Data Source=dbhostname:1521/DBSERVICENAME;Proxy User Id=myproxyuser;Proxy Password=myproxypass;
          • If using a TNS Alias, enter a connect string with this format: User Id=myuser;Data Source=mytnsalias;Proxy User Id=myproxyuser;Proxy Password=myproxypass;
          • Provide a connection name to be used to reference this connection in Database Explorer and elsewhere
          • Click the Create Connection button


          For more tips, see the quickstart:


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            Perfect - that worked like a charm!


            - Scott -