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    How to check how many users login to our EBS?


      EBS 12.1.3





      Hi ALL,


      How do I get the list of users logged in to our EBS from 9am to 10am today? Which is passed and hour ago?

      My boss want to check if the users are doing their work on time?



      Please help....


      Kind regards,


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          Maaz Khan

          Hi Jc,


          You should first set profile - -Sign-On Audit (enabling audit profile will involve additional system overhead, so better try this in test environment first with profile set at user/application level)

          System Administrator -> Security -> Monitor User will help you with real-time information at any time for user login details




          Below reports under System Administrator are also handy at times -


          Please check below reference notes on how to enable auditing in EBS and at what levels.


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            As already stated, you need to make sure the audit level profile is set accordingly. Then you can query fnd_logins and some other tables to get this information.


            1) Logins to forms.


              select fu.user_name,
                     fl.start_time login_time,
                     fl.end_time logout_time,
                from fnd_logins fl, fnd_user fu
               where fu.user_id = fl.user_id and user_name = :user_name --  AND start_time>sysdate-10
                                                                        and login_type = 'FORM'
            order by start_time desc;


            2) Forms access logs


              select fu.user_name         usr,
                     fl.start_time        login_time,
                     flrf.start_time      form_start,
                     flrf.end_time        form_end,
                     ff.description       form_desc,
                     --fr.responsibility_key resp_key,
                     fr.responsibility_name resp_name,
                     fr.description       resp_desc
                from fnd_logins                fl,
                     fnd_login_resp_forms      flrf,
                     fnd_login_responsibilities flr,
                     fnd_responsibility_vl     fr,
                     fnd_form_vl               ff,
                     fnd_user                  fu
               where fl.login_id = flr.login_id
                 and flrf.login_resp_id = flr.login_resp_id
                 and fr.responsibility_id = flr.responsibility_id
                 and fr.application_id = flr.resp_appl_id
                 and ff.form_id = flrf.form_id
                 and ff.application_id = flrf.form_appl_id
                 and fu.user_id = fl.user_id
                 and fu.user_name = :user_name
            order by flrf.start_time desc;


            3) Currently active forms sessions


            Select *
              From fnd_form_sessions_v



            4) ICX Sessions (what was used last):


              select icx.first_connect,
                from icx_sessions         icx,
                     fnd_user             fu,
                     fnd_responsibility_vl r,
                     fnd_form_functions_vl f
               where fu.user_id = icx.user_id
                 and r.responsibility_id = icx.responsibility_id
                 and r.application_id = icx.responsibility_application_id
                 and f.function_id = icx.function_id
                 and fu.user_name = :user_name
            order by icx.last_connect desc



            All the above should give you what you want (and more).

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              Thanks Maaz,John and ALL,


              Oracle Docs sometimes too broad/complex to understand as it covers all.

              Can you share me powerpoint for EBS auditing training for beginners?

              Or are there shared powerpoint  training of Apps DBA?



              KInd regards,

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                The Security Guide is probably the best place to start - it's not a PowerPoint, but it contains plenty of information on auditing etc.





                Chapter 16 details the functionality described in the above posts.

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                  Thanks John, Maaz, and ALL