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    Excel(xlsx) file validation issue in webcenter portal


      Hi Experts,


      i'm facing one weird issue. i have to validate xls and xlsx files, for that i have added poi jars in adf application and i'm validating files accordingly.

      when i'm deploying/integrating with webcenter( portal these adf taskflows then i'm facing with issue with xlsx file while reading. its throwing error like LitteEndian class not found. In my adf application i'm using poi 4.1 jars and its dependencies..but its pointing to some old POI jars in portal.



      how to resolve this poi jars issue in portal ?



      Note: i'm able to validate xls file in portal  but not able validate xlsx file.




      Thanks in advance.

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          Daniel Merchán



          You have two options:


          • Check the current POI version of your WebCenter Portal installation and use the same for your custom development. If I remember correctly it is 3.10.

          • If you really need the latest Apache POI version loaded then you can try to setup the PRE_CLASSPATH variable in your setDomainEnv.sh to point a folder where you put your new Apache POI newest version and its dependencies.
            This will take your newest Apache POI version instead of the ones shipped within the Fusion Infrastructure.


          Kind regards.