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    Feedback about the new Groundbreakers page


      In New Oracle Sign-On? , Jim Finch-Oracle asked us to start a new thread to provide feedback about the new Groundbreakers page, so here's mine:

      • The light gray text of "Content", "People", "Subspaces" reminds me of applications where grayed out text means the text is not clickable.
      • The sentence "When Oracle Cloud engineer Todd Sharp..." has several typos.  I suggest "When Oracle Cloud engineer Todd Sharp found out his 13-year-old daughter had Type 1 diabetes, he used the Node.js JavaScript framework and other cloud services (to create or and created) a smartphone app in order to help calculate carbohydrate consumption and insulin doses using image recognition, a wireless food scale and nutritional data."
      • The first sentence capitalizes "Type 1 diabetes" while the second sentence does not.  I suggest consistency.
      • In Todd's picture, it's hard to read the white text on the light background.
      • I suggest changing the "Read Article" link so it opens in a new tab (so you're not taking the user completely away from the Oracle site).
      • The Tweets section on the right side doesn't always load properly (IE11 and Chrome 76)
      • I wonder why the text that does appear on the right side (e.g. "Oracle ACE Sessions at Oracle OpenWorld") is a different font than the rest of the page.
      • In the hamburger menu, I don't understand why "Enterprise Manager" is at the top level (instead of under "Oracle Groundbreakers" with the rest of the product forums)
      • Although the top of the page has this branded as "Oracle Groundbreakers", the bottom of the page uses "Oracle Community" and "Oracle Developer Community".  Again, I suggest consistency.