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    Peoplesoft kick back to search page


      An issue we are getting often is users are on a page for a given amount of time and then usually after a couple of minutes they are kicked back to a search page when clicking a button or a lookup. When this happens, we have seen in the web server logs, "no states available on a post request". The cache setting in the web profile for "Number of States Supported" is set to the default of 5.


      The documentation on this area mentions that if this value is increased, it'll increase the memory requirement. However it doesn't mention how much of an impact it'll be if it was increased. If we double the number to 10, how much of a memory increase would that be?


      Could this be an issue with using the fluid interface where multiple pages are loaded into iframes when doing look-ups on pages, etc? Should the value in the web profile be increased? If so, how much or what would be a good way to calculate a number to use?