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    oracle dblink to dba2 Express-C


      Hi everyone.


      I have in the first computer, Windows Server 2012 R2 with Oracle 11g, and also I have in the second computer Ubuntu Server 16.04 with DB2 Express-C. I would like to connect oracle 11g database to DB2 Express-C database using DBLINK, however I have in the file "tnsnames.ora" the next sentence.


      DB2_HS =


      (ADDRESS =

        (PROTOCOL = TCP)

        (HOST = DB2Host)

        (PORT = 50000)



      (SID = DB2_HS)


      (HS = OK)



      And  when I write in the command prompt "tnsping DB2_HS", it gives me the next error.


      TNS-12537: TNS: Connection closed.


      Can you help me with this problem? there is a tutorial step by step updated? Thank you in advance.