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    "ORA-28562: Heterogeneous Services data truncation error" when SELECTing foreign characters


      I'm running an ODBC link with Oracle (Unicode) as the client and another database (ANSI) as the source. Whenever I select anything with a 'ñ' in it, the select fails with:


      28562. 00000 -  "Heterogeneous Services data truncation error"

      *Cause:    A select operation was attempted with an insufficient data buffer

                 to satisfy the request.

      *Action:   Contact your DBA to verify whether your gateway initialization

                 parameter HS_KEEP_REMOTE_COLUMN_SIZE is set appropriately based

                 on your requirement.  If it is, make sure the sizes of bind

                 parameters are sufficient.

                 If the problem persists, contact Oracle Support Services.


      I've tried a few options for HS_KEEP_REMOTE_COLUMN_SIZE, but with no success. In the ODBC initSID.ora file, I have HS_LANGUAGE set to AMERICAN_AMERICA.WE8ISO8859P1. Any ideas for how I can fix this/diagnose the problem further?