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    [BI Publisher] SURVEY REPORT Button Logging out users


      Hello All,


      We are having issues on the Survey Report button as this is logging out users.


      ELM Tools 8.57.09.

      Navigation: Main Menu -> Administer LearnED -> Learning Reports -> Survey Reports.


      Note that this is a delivered page and no modifications done. Upon checking, this report is utilizing BI Publisher report definition - LMSURVEY. Navigate to Main Menu > Reporting Tools > BI Publisher > Report Defnition > Template tab, clicking the "Preview" button will also cause the session to logout. It seems that the Chart embedded in the RFT template is causing the issue. Note that this is working in DEMO environment; thus causing some confusions as we don't have any modifications done in this report.


      Is there a setup needed in order for us to generate report using charts? Or need a configuration update?


      Your feedback will be greatly appreciated.