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    Do not disable rad:local SMF

    Andrew Watkins

      Just for information.

      The other day I was trying to clean up any unwanted services on a system to make sure I got every ounce out of the CPU. (My Desktop).

      So, I disabled some of the monitor services

      svcs sstore rad  webui/server

      STATE          STIME            FMRI

      disabled       15:19:06         svc:/system/sstore:default

      disabled       15:19:08         svc:/system/rad:remote

      disabled       15:19:08         svc:/system/webui/server:default

      disabled       15:20:01         svc:/system/rad:local

      Seemed a good idea, but the system did not restart afterwards, since seems a lot depends on rad:local.


      DO NOT DISABLE system/rad:local