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    Quarterly accrual based on employee hire date


      Hi Team,

      We are trying to achieve one of our client's requirement where in client wants leave accrual to be done quarterly based on employee hire date.

      Ex: If any employee hired on 10-Jan-2018, his/ her accrual should run and add 50 hrs to their balance as on 09-Apr-2018 and on the 4th quarter end 150 hours must be added to employee balance. i.e.,

      Employee Hire DateAccrual period StartAccrual Period endAccrual Rate

      We have written fast formula which is fetching and calculating the accruals correctly, for the employee who have been hired on '01-Jan' .

      We are using the repeating time period with sample start date as '01-Jan'. So the further periods are being calculated based on this sample start date.

      So the employees who have been hired on different date than 01-Jan, the accrual process is running but not calculating the accruals.


      So, we would request your thoughts on this to achieve this requirement.

      Thank you very much for your kind suggestions / solutions.