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    Micros Workstation 6 - Company Windows 10 Image - Customer Display and Cash Drawer do not work


      Need some help finding drivers if that is all that may be wrong.  We reimaged all Workstation 6 Terminals with our own WIN10 Image - installed Micros v2.x - fully functional in Oracle Hosted CLOUD environment - all peripherals figured out - but when plugging in Customer display and cash drawer - AND assigning cash drawer in Micros EMC, and within Micros - Drawer will not open when tapping NO Sale.  Customer display does not light up in Windows or in Micros.


      Need some assistance if it is just drivers, where can I find?  GoLive is scheduled for Monday - NOV 4th, and this is all that is holding up the deployment of 21 new devices.


      We are replacing Workstation 5 machines with WS6.  Have tried OPOS drivers from the 5-installation, no luck.


      Brian Peroutka