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    ODI View sheduler


      Hello Team,


      I have installed ODI along with the J2ee agent setup. All working fine. When I click the view schedule tab am getting below error.  what could be the issue?






      The agent is connection successful and able to run load plans as well. The only issue with view schedule tab.


      Any clue?




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          Reproduce the issue and check ODI agent log at that time.

          Definitely it  should be an error in agent log.



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            Yes, I have verified and noticed that the Manage server was configured with 8001 port but in the log it is trying to connect with 8011 port.


            I was wondering how it is trying to connect different ports? agent connect was successful with 8001 port. Does any configure file need to be change the port on this type of issue?


            Agent LogL


            Caused by: ODI-1424: Agent host or port cannot be reached using http://Hostname:8011/oraclediagent.

            Caused by: java.net.ConnectException: Connection refused

            at oracle.odi.runtime.agent.invocation.RemoteRuntimeAgentInvoker.invoke(RemoteRuntimeAgentInvoker.java:309)

            ... 6 more


            Manage server configure:-




            I was wondering why it is trying to connect with differnt port ? How to fix this issue ? any clue

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              Maybe you have setup also a standlone agent on port 8011, with the same name "OracleDIAgent"

              There must be a good reason for the error - port 8011 must have been defined somewhere.

              JAVAEE ODI agent log is stored here:



              Check the error you get in this log.

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                I have pasted error from same log file which you have defined path.


                Satan alone agent configured with 20910


                I checked this port using netstat and didn't find any services running on Linux box that means nothing is configured in server with this port.

                netstat -an | grep 8011


                can you please let me ODI j2ee agent port stored some config file? Do you have any idea where thees port information stored? If we find the file and replace the port then we will resolve this issue?

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                  ODI JavaEE agent is an application deployed on the managed server, so it is using the same port as the managed server.

                  This is why there is no configuration file to setup  ODI JavaEE agent port.


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                    please check the snp _ * table data is there or not and agent configuration details check in snp_* tables