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    Global Leaderboard


      There has been some unusual change in the global community leader board:



      Whats going on?

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          Timo Hahn

          Looks like the admins are playing with the gamification module

          I guess this is just a test, but nothing the moderators know about.



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            If the test was to get someone's attention, I can confirm the test was successful.


            I think it's common sense not to mess with a live system, or else risk getting tarred and feathered. But seriously, if there is testing, at least let people know.


            Aren't people supposed to participate in the reward and recognition system in earnest? There is a high probability that people may use their online community profile for job hunting, for example. Anyway, I've seen gamification tests before, and there was no cleanup.

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              There must be a brand new hidden mission

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                James M. Finch-Oracle

                Thank you for reporting this issue.


                We were indeed testing the gamification module last week.


                Points were awarded as part of that testing and have been removed as part of continued testing of the module.


                We apologize for any confusion resulting from our tests.


                Best, Jim Finch