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      • 15. Re: Export Issue


        Before install this patch (Patch 23041471:FDMEE PATCHSET UPDATE all things was going well and i uploaded files with numeric data only and everything was ok , after install this patch (to load files with all data types) i tried as a test to load those files that loaded before the patch but this time , it's different i'm facing the same problem --> import,validate and export succeeded but there no data found in bso cub or aso.


        so it seems after install the patch no data shows although import,validate and export succeeded,


        any Advise?

        • 16. Re: Export Issue

          Did you not think it was worth mentioning that when you posted the question?

          Maybe rollback and test, .210 is not the latest patch, install the latest PSU .220

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          • 17. Re: Export Issue

            I installed the latest patch as you mentioned , but data didn't export till i choose , Target option > Load Method>All data types with auto-increment of line item . with this choice only data exported successfully and i could see it, otherwise everything going well but data didn't show.


            thanks JohnGoodwin for your advise

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