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    DocuMaker 12.4 Reports – how do I print or save the results


      I am trying to query recipient information for all of our forms. After producing the report, it only prints the first page.  Is there a way to print all the results or save it to an excel spreadsheet?  I’ve looked in our DM database and I’m unable to find the information I’m looking for.  It would be easier to query against the table, but I can’t find the table that has the recipient information.  I’m using Tools, Reports, Form Field Report, Select All, Finish.  If I select ‘print all’ to print to a PDF, it only prints the first page. If I specify pages 1-20, only the first page of the PDF prints.  If I select print to file, it produces a file with a pm file extension and it’s small so thinking the pm file is only the first page.  Also, not sure how to open a file with the pm extension.