Can WIPEdit retrieve/cache all possible .PAR paragraphs on load?


    Our users use WIPEdit to modify interactive documents in our home grown application.  Right now the plugin loads the basic form, and when a user clicks on a PSL it makes a documaker call to retrieve the possible paragraph choices.  Except it only loads the first one completely, and displays the titles of the others.  If a user clicks on the second choice it makes another documaker call to display the details.  Clicks third choice, another call, another couple seconds to load the details.  Once that paragraph is loaded, the data is stored in the temp folder with the other dpw files, and loads instantaneously the next time it's clicked (during that session).  On a document with multiple different PSLs it creates a negative user experience loading all the choices while they look for what they want.  The plugin seems to lock up when it's downloading the option, it doesn't give any message saying that it's loading something.


    So my question is:  is it possible to somehow front-load all the possible PAR files with the initial interactive document load?  It'd be an extra second or two up front, but would avoid all the overhead of multiple calls.  I've found some config sections that seem to be related (File2DPW maybe), but can't find any documentation about how they're used.

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        When we were on 12.1, it was all fast. Now we moved to 12.6 and started to get same problems. We ended up embedding the paragraphs in paragraph lists.

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          Mr Peabody-Oracle

          I believe the difference started when the selection dialog began to show you the preview of the paragraph as the user selected it. So when you click on an entry, it is going back to the server to get the paragraph for display. You did not say what version you were using. I recall there was a hot-fix created for 12.6.0 where the initial request for the paragraph list would also send down the related paragraphs.That helps tremendously for most cases, unless you have a setup where you have hundreds of paragraphs to select from.


          Unlike the old days when patches/hot-fixes were automatically applied to previous releases and made available to all, Oracle dev support tends to only do the version a customer requested and that may be the only customer that sees it. So you will need to contact Support and provide the relevant version information to see if the hot-fix can be applied and given to you.

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            Mr Peabody-Oracle thanks for the info!  I'll get with Oracle support on it.  In our production environment we're on 12.0, but we're working on upgrading to 12.6.2.  So I can roll the hotfix in with that upgrade hopefully.