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    Reg: Existing ER, Submitting an Idea

    Lalitha Subramanian


      The current functionality is designed to only allow the iAssets Manager to review the transfer request attachment(s).
      Otherwise, it is considered an Enhancement Request:


      ER- Provide Attachments In iAssets Notification Window ( Doc ID 2165761.1 )


      Bug 24339552 ] - enable attachments in iAssets user notifications window ER is already present.
      I have attached your SR to the enhancement request


      Thanks Jeff




      I have SR open for an issue where attached documents from iAssets were not sent to the approver to view before act on it..  It looks like there is an enhancement request for it already which we do not have access to check anymore.  I also looked through the document you have suggested to search before submit an Idea. I did search and it doesn't look like it is created.  Could you please confirm so that i can submit(obviously i do not what to create a duplicate idea).  Or let me know what is the status of the ER if you could.