Getting Cannot read property 'toString' of null while accessing paging datasource.


    Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read property 'toString' of null

        at oj.TableDomUtils.hashCode (ojtable.js:13280)

        at $.<computed>.<computed>._refreshTableBodyRow (ojtable.js:8483)

        at $.<computed>.<computed>._refreshTableBodyRow (widget.js:132)

        at $.<computed>.<computed>._addSingleTableBodyRow (ojtable.js:5168)

        at $.<computed>.<computed>._addSingleTableBodyRow (widget.js:132)

        at $.<computed>.<computed>.<anonymous> (ojtable.js:5470)

        at ojtable.js:10565


    datasource is defined like this.

    self.userRecords = ko.observableArray();

    self.datasource = ko.observable();


    self.datasource(new oj.PagingTableDataSource(new oj.ArrayTableDataSource(self.userRecords, {idAttribute: 'id'})));

    Hey guys any one is having idea why we encounter this error when we try to access the paging datasource. your help will be highly appreciated.