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    Subquery in OBIEE


      Dear All,


      I have a requirement where I need to display the value of a measure based on the maximum submit order. Below is the scenario.



      Here against the invno 469 there are total of 3 rows. Each row represents the level in which the invoice was resubmitted by the Insurance team. My requirement is that, in answers I need to display the Resubmitted_Amount based on the last submit order (In this case 3, but it can change based on the number of resubmissions done for a particular invoice. Sometimes it can be 4 submissions or 10 submissions). I could acheive this in SQL as below


      select invno,resubmittable_amt from tby_bi_dwh.tgt_insurance_inv_stmt a where a.invno = 469 and a.submit_order

      =(select max(submit_order) from tby_bi_dwh.tgt_insurance_inv_stmt where invno = a.invno) ;


      Can anyone suggest how the result can be acheived in BI answers ? Any help would be appreciated.



      Vyshak P